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  • Yeah I’m not sure how any moderate could be swayed to such an extremist candidate. Then you consider that he’s a felon? I’m not sure what getting clipped in the ear would do to sway a moderate vote.

    Maybe if we hadn’t seen what an absolute dead fish he was as a president, only serving to pack the Scotus and put his kids into positions of power. But we’ve seen it, I just don’t get who would be swayed who wasn’t already swayed.

  • I was there for a week 3 months ago and I stayed in New Jersey, took 25 minutes to get to the port authority in Manhattan and then the subway just went everywhere quickly and efficiently, I was stunned. You can pay with a card and after a certain number of uses it becomes free and the system was pretty easy to understand compared to some European cities.

    I’ve heard horror stories, but New York (Manhattan to be precise) was fantastic up and down. People were nice too, we hit some rough looking areas and I was expecting some craziness but honestly Montreal gets rowdier and is generally angrier too.