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  • Only wifi you’ll get on one of those has to be an older wifi standard without modern encryption. I can’t get my PDAs to connect via my router, but if I make a wifi Hotspot on my phone with no encryption or password, I can get mine to connect. Even then, HTTPS websites largely won’t work since these devices are pre https-as-standard.

    Beyond that however, I find a lotta use in mine for helping manage my ADHD since it does a lotta productivity stuff my phone can do, but with the only distraction being my mp3s and Space Trader.

  • I will say on the picky eating habit, that can be a common behavior seen in autistic folks. With me my picky eating stems from texture - if a food feels weird in my mouth I get nasty gag reflex or vomit. Doesn’t matter how often I try, there’s foods and ingredients that, if I chew on it, I will vomit. It fucking sucks. I have to swallow my edibles whole with water cause most gummies make me vomit if I chew them.

    Obviously not all picky eating habits are autism related, but myself and the other autistic picky eaters I know are just as frustrated, if not more, about having those habits.

    Being stuck on music though, that I can understand. Even with me having my comfort zones, it’s always an occasion worth celebrating when I find an artist or album that absolutely SLAPS me silly from how rad it is.

  • Haven’t yet had a go at updating the mobo, time and energy have both been limited, but I’ll look into this when I can and give a further reply once I have a go at it and get results.

    PSU is an EVGA 1000 watt model, the only other part of the build that isn’t brand new. Bought for a build I made in 2019, but hasn’t given me any issues whatsoever. I did forget to mention this in the post’s body, that’s my B.

    Storage was bought brand new for this build, a Samsung 2 TB SSD of sorts, exact model name escapes me. I did do some testing earlier today specifically for GPU and SSD temps, and the SSD never hit above 43 C.