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  • MadBigote@lemmy.worldtoaww@lemmy.worldSea Urchins
    6 days ago

    I doubt it’s 100% cornsarch. I work in the plastics industry and there’s all sorts of travesties going on. We also have a line of cornstarch-made products, but they’re all scams when it comes to “recycling” and “being biodegradable”.

    There’s definitely plastic in it.

  • MadBigote@lemmy.worldtoAnimemes@ani.socialKami
    10 days ago

    I find fun to learn Japanese. It’s the fourth language I study, and so far it’s been both different and intuitive, but I fear the moment where I need to go deeper into kanji, given the limitations you mention.

    It’s also a slower process than learning any major language, as it took us a few weeks to get to review their letters. Its been fulfilling so far, but I don’t know how invested one can be once you reach a certain point of increased complexity.

  • Some some people may not believe this shit is actually ilegal in mexico. There’s a limited list of cases where firing an employee is actually justified, without obligations for the employer. Otherwise you’re entitled to a 3month compensation.

    There are, of course, employers who decide to challenge this and drag payments, but still…

  • Thanks. Yes, I’ve looked into the Arr suite, but I have not tried it yet because English is not my native language. I’m from mexico and, even though I watch movies an series in English, my in-laws and other people with access to my NAS don’t necessarily want to watch content in English. I’m not aware about whether I can make work Arrs with Spanish content, as I guess it’d be much better integrated with content posted in 1337x, for example, where English is the main language for most media.

    But I’ll look into it and will reach you, thanks.

  • I’m fairly new to self hosting, barely three years into it, so my HDDs are not as old as yours. I limit myself to red WD Pros, so I couldn’t speak bout their blue line. Red Pros are great for my use, which is mostly a Plex server, phone and pics backup, and a few self hosted services.

    Noise-wise I find them more comfortable than Seagate, as I can hear my Iron wolf running in my NAS, which didnt happen with WDs. In terms of reliance, my WD is just 3 years old.

  • Sure thing, but most people into EVs feel greener while driving EVs, and think that’s all they need to do. A state in Mexico bought electric busses for public transportation and results they charge them with diesel generators, so EVs are now just a gimmick of being environmentally friendly, it’s so dumb.

    I’m all for changing from fossil fuels to renewable energy, but EVs are in no way a factor for the general public to adopt alternative energies. EVs replacing fossil fuel vehicles won’t happen as fast as needed for it to make a change in people’s minds that solar or nuclear are needed.

  • The tech for EVs is not quite there yet. Most technologies/services star as a luxury ok this cases where the manufacturing costs are still too high. For example Uber, which started as a luxury service before being widespread with the shitty service they became.

    That’s one of the reasons why I hope my country sets restrictions on these Chinese EVs, as there is not enough infrastructure in Mexico for EVs to even existe, and we can’t produce enough energy for them to be a viable solution for transportation. Heck, I’m even with Toyota and believe EVs are not a tech we should be investing in, and the world will not move to EVs as a widespread mode of transportation. i certainly hope so, because people buying EVs thinking they are the most green solution are not seeing the elephant in the room.