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  • Hey, that’s not Alyaza! (ik they’re probably busy with other stuff ty wallet for making this)

    Tried to unalive myself two weeks ago, since then I’ve just been on autopilot. Last week we changed out our core switches at work. What was supposed to be a 2-hour late-night jam ended up a) getting delayed by several hours because our ER had a last-minute critical patient come in, and b) turning into a fucking 25-hour slog of our firewall deciding it was sick of our BS and taking down literally everything with it. Between that extra-long shift and my being kept up for 30 hours in an ER the previous week, my sleep schedule is absolutely toast.

  • Been playing TS4 again, lightly modded to facilitate poly relationships. I’m not a fan of the shit storm of DLC that’s basically the staple of the game’s monetization at this point, but that’s nothing that can’t be solved on the high seas. Otherwise, I still enjoy the series a lot. (Also, shout-out to the various weird spinoffs like Castaways.)

  • I’m curious whether the increasingly invasive telemetry of modern Windows will have legal implications surrounding patient privacy here in the US. I work IT in the healthcare field, and one of our key missions is HIPAA compliance. What, then, will be the impact if Microsoft starts storing more and more in-depth data offsite? Will keyboard entries into our EHR be tracked and stored in Microsoft’s servers? Will we subsequently be held liable if a breach at Microsoft causes this information to leak, or if Microsoft just straight-up starts selling it to advertisers? Windows is our one-and-only option for endpoint devices, so it’s not like we can just switch.

    I genuinely don’t have the answers to these questions right now, but it may start to become a serious conversation for our department in the future if things continue at the trajectory they’re going at. Or, maybe I’m just old and paranoid and everything will be okie dokie.

  • Went out with family to a Sunday market down in Oregon and absolutely decimated my diet in the process. I also tweaked my knee in the process while being an idiot. Hooray!

    In more exciting news, I bought my first gun: a Glock 21. My pickup date is next week. After that I’ll be off to lessons because, while I’m familiar with handguns, it’s also been a while since using one and I don’t feel like somehow blowing a hole in my hand on accident.

  • Miserable, been distracting myself with homelab and Runescape.

    In the case of the former, I bought two separate PCIe conversion bridges so I could plug a GPU into a PCIe x8 slot. The first didn’t line up with the bracket properly (this was my fault for thinking I could somehow magically fit a card into a slot after raising it a centimeter or so). The second was intended to raise the card to a low-profile height. The card I bought required the entire shroud to be removed to install the low-profile bracket. After some cursing, I got it installed, and it didn’t work! Finally at my wit’s end, I replaced my server’s motherboard with a different one that has actual PCIe x16 slots. Still, nothing! Banging my head against the wall, I finally realized: unRAID is currently on Linux kernel 6.1. The GPU is an Intel ARC A310, which didn’t have support in the kernel until 6.2. I upgraded the kernel using an unofficial repo, and the encoder immediately showed up under /dev/dri. FML.

  • Sadly you’d probably just be playing a game of state leapfrog. My usefulness in-state is limited to a passing knowledge of social services that are unique to Washington. Most of my friends are young and either living at-home or in shared apartments/dorms, and I live in a 200sq/ft studio in the middle of ✨ nowhere ✨, so I’m pretty unhelpful housing-wise. Though Washington is probably one of the best places in the world especially if you’re trans and I will fight to the death for this claim.

    As someone who’s basically lived one calamity to the next recently (even after daring think I had found some form of stability on several occasions), I wish you the best. Things have somehow stayed afloat for me, and I’m confident the same will be said for you.

  • I’m sorry you’re going through that. I wish I had feelers in Minnesota, but sadly I’m on the other side of the country. I really hope you can find something. Also, does Minnesota have low-income phone programs? I believe there’s something of the sort here in Washington, but idk whether it’s a commonplace thing elsewhere.