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  • Just to flip this, do you have any sources that horseshoe theory is a real thing? That’s the funny thing about language, someone put Theory in the name and now people think it’s a real thing.

    To save you the trouble, it hasn’t held up under academic study. Plenty of info on Wikipedia about it.

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    I still make little static sites on occasion. There’s still free options for hosting, I’ve got some on GitHub and used to use netlify til they changed their free tier. Sticking a static site into aws s3 +cloud front is super cheap if you don’t have much traffic. The nice thing is that they run forever without any intervention.

  • Oooo old school forum flame wars. Is it weird that I miss that format? Might just be nostalgia, non-threaded forum arguments are kind of annoying to skip if you want something else out of the thread. It was always fun opening a long thread at the end and seeing the final dregs of the fight play out, then backtracking to find where it started.