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  • PR gives more power to smaller parties as opposed to big ones. Here in Australia we have STV but not PR, and it still sucks. Our democracy is almost as broken as America’s. Most people on the left agree with the Greens more than the larger Labor party, but our votes for the Greens don’t count. We live in labor/liberal districts, and our votes transfer to Labor. Which is better than letting Liberals win, which is why we haven’t fallen to fascism like the US has, but it still sucks. In the last national election, Greens got 12% of the popular vote, but only 2.6% of the seats. Less than a quarter what they deserved! Labor loves non-proportional representation, because it keeps the two party system running. If we had PR, there would be less power in the hands of big parties.

  • My conservative 70 year old grandma hates Trump and says she’s surprised he hasn’t been shot every time he’s mentioned, and she’s been saying it since 2018. She hates trans people and she’d still be on the same side as the people in this thread saying “too bad he missed”. The people saying political violence is bad are further right than anyone I’ve ever met in meatspace.

  • I think it’s hard to pull off for non-narcissists, though.

    No, being visibly neurodivergent is terrible for your chances in politics unless you can lean in to the ND image. Look at how many people call Zuckerberg a robot or a lizard because he has visible autism. Elon kinda got away with leaning into the autism ND image for a while, but it didn’t do anything for him after he started openly being a Nazi, because the people who admire an openly autistic person aren’t Nazis. As a right wing political figure, being openly neurodivergent is terrible for your image, and that’s why Trump presents himself as a neurotypical. And while nobody can say for sure without actually evaluating him clinically, I think it’s fair to say his neurotypical straight cis male persona is genuine. Trump is not a member of a socially disabled vulnerable minority.