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  • It’s insane to me that healthcare looks like this in the US, I mean I live in an objectively weaker economy and my healthcare is vastly better in terms of cost, availability and has no hard ties to employment.

    That is crazy messed up. My gut feel is that it’s again down to the corporate shareholder problem, where infinite growth is demanded. It’s defies belief that this hasn’t been fixed, and really makes me think that overall we may be losing the war of greed vs humanity.

  • I often think words are so empty sometimes, my sister is struggling with some problems but lives very far away. All I can do is try say things and hope they find ground.

    I’ll offer you this one piece of advice (just in case it’s worth more than just some strangers words from across the world), when I’m feeling like I’m in a bad place, I try manipulate my perspective by thinking about how much worse it could be.

    Sounds dark but for some reason it helps me appreciate even the hard times.

    And if that fails, remember tomorrow is FRIDAY WOOHOOO \o/