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  • EGS itself is a graveyard for indie games, game discovery is complete shit and they have no plans on improving it..

    When it introduced Steam Direct, Valve prioritized the development of Steam features that helped users discover games they might be interested in, such as the Discovery Queue. The Epic Games Store will continue to get interface updates, but as a matter of principle, Allison says that Epic will not track user behavior and use it to algorithmically recommend games. Epic has said in the past that it’s more interested in supporting the game discovery that already happens outside of stores, such as on Twitch and YouTube.

    Steam has great features to advertise indie games such as dedicated events and such so a lot of indie hits have come from it, like Valheim, Fall Guys, Among Us, Terraria, Stardew Valley, Rimworld, Factorio, The Forest, etc.

  • I buy my games where they’re the cheapest and I buy them so the devs can continue making games

    Oh man, I’m about to blow your mind then!


    Devs get more money since Valve doesn’t get their 30% cut and they are cheaper than the Epic counterparts! It’s a perfect solution!

    What is the status of Epic’s key program btw, is that something they don’t have? Shocker.

    you’re pretty fucking dumb to waste money to have access to useless features!

    I literally use Steam Proton, Steam Input and my Steam Deck nearly every day, and SteamVR at least a couple times a month. All things Epic doesn’t have. Gaming would be super annoying if I was actually forced to use EGS. Billion dollar company with thousands of employees, btw.

  • Me: All I care about is that it launches games

    Then there is zero reason for you to buy games from Epic. That is a function that can be performed for free. It’s like paying for air or sunshine. What kind of idiot pays money for something they can get for free?

    You just seem to be completely ignoring the fact that I’ve already addressed all the features you brought up and most of them are pretty useless or are available to pirated games anyway. Certainly they are not worth actually spending money on when GoG and Steam do all those things and much more. Even if you had cash to spare and you just wanted those features with minimal hassle, there is still zero reason to buy from Epic.

    jfc I’ve never seen someone defend so vehemently a product not having features. Epic is a multibillion dollar corporation with apparently thousands of employees, they don’t need you to bootlick for them.

  • lol you mean your hypocrisy? You said features don’t matter. “All Epic needs to do is launch the game, that’s good enough!” But now you are saying features do matter. Which is it? Taking this new stance to it’s logical conclusion, Steam would obviously be the superior choice, would it not? Steam has more features than Epic, right?

    Pirated games have features that Epic games don’t by the way, namely the fact that you own the game and you are not limited by DRM. In my personal opinion that is worth way more than EGS achievements which are completely useless on a store with no social features anyway.

  • lmao so features in a store are all of a sudden important now? That’s not what you said before, you said all EGS needed to do is launch the game. It’s almost like… features in a gaming platform are important. Like I said. Now if only you could take this newfound realization and apply it to Steam vs EGS…

    You can set up auto-updates and cloud saves pretty easily, hell there’s even some crazy stuff like this for achievements (EGS social features are so barebones, who cares about achievements on there anyway?).

    Multiplayer is a given, everyone knows you can’t pirate multiplayer games with official servers. But if you were to play a multiplayer game, it sure as fuck wouldn’t be on EGS unless there was forced cross platform because you know it will be dead. I notice when I play Risk of Rain 2 that there will be hundred of Steam lobbies while the cross-play Epic lobbies are completely empty. Epic players literally cannot play that game online. Money well spent for the three people that actually bought that game on EGS, I’m sure they are really thankful they could give Epic their 10% cut for doing nothing when they could have just gotten the game for free or on Steam and had a better experience.

  • So let me pirate it and then donate to the devs or something. Or let me purchase it directly from them. Why should Epic get 10% for doing literally nothing? People like to focus on Epic vs Valve, but Steam could literally not exist at all and Epic would fail. They don’t offer a product that is better than piracy. That’s the bare minimum standard they need to achieve and they can’t even do that. A pirated .exe + Playnite is an objectively better product than a $60 purchase on Epic, it’s just the facts. Anyone that spends money on that store is a fool.