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  • on quite a number of servers that are 18+, higher verification usually sounds a little bit more safe. But then on most of the servers I run or moderate, we tend to have our own in-house verification methods instead of the built levels for discord.

    the idea of the verification levels is attractive, however. anything to keep the kids out. though I’m not sure I’d go as far as requiring a phone number, I might consider it for future.

    it depends on how the server is going to be used. why a gaming server should be highest level, I don’t know. I would think “high” is enough.

  • Modding on bedrock is a completely different world. Our mods are different, for sure. The difficulty comes in version updates. Because older versions of bedrock do not work. But active modders are generally pretty good about keeping stuff up to date.

    I currently have a huge skyblock oneblock modpack I’m using at the moment. it’s quite fun.

    I do wonder if it’s prior reputation is what keeps modders from using the platform.

    There is a stigma associated with bedrock that persists to this day, unfortunately. It’d be nice to see modding get more robust and see more modders trying their take on bedrock mods more often. Here’s hoping that happens in the future.