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  • Have a tuxedo machine with TuxedoOS at work. I needed an NVIDIA card for cuda so I had a few kinks to iron out (NVIDIA I stg…) but the tuxedo customer support was here with me through it all, treated me with respect at all times and forwarded all issues to NVIDIA immediately, and they got fixed soon after. Solid team, sleek machines, nice distro.

  • I work in a medical startup and we provide an AI powered service for semi automatic target detection for neurosurgery specifically for Parkinson’s and essential tremor. Many patients have benefitted from it so far with excellent results and the fact that it allows surgeons to perform the entire surgery under general anesthesia makes it much less traumatic and available to many more patients.

    It’s okay to reconcile that AI is both an amazing tool with a lot of great benefits in some areas AND a lot of assholish data theft and overhyped, unhelpful bloat shoved down our throats in others.