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  • Are you sure this was the product key and not a Bitlocker key?

    This was another part of the hurdle for the CrowdStrike issue where if the machine required a Bitlocker key, this caused an additional headache for those working to resolve these issues.

    Speaking for my team, we didn’t have a lot of machines on CrowdStrike and none with Bitlocker enabled so this wasn’t a problem for us, thankfully.

    The Bitlocker key is a key that will show up when a Windows computer is restarted and won’t allow you to actually log into Windows until you can provide this key. You either need to type it or you can use a USB key to have it entered on some machines too. It’s used for encrypting the hard drive and would make sense for a medical office where they deal with sensitive information that needs to stay protected like your work setting.

  • The correct name is CrowdStrike and it’s basically antivirus monitoring software that many organizations use on their computers/servers to warn of threats and provide protection through blocking the threats.

    The issue was that CrowdStrike released an update that basically bricked Windows computers that were on and active. The driver file caused Windows to go into a constant “blue screen of death” that prevented people from logging into their computers/servers.

    The main issue with this was the resolution which wasn’t easy. To fix, you had to reboot the machine into “safe mode” which is a mode of Windows that basically disables everything but the most essential Microsoft services and programs. Once in safe mode, you were able to delete the file and then reboot and then the machine would later pick up the newer update that wouldn’t brick your machine. The problem with this is that this had to be manually on each machine. No automated process was found (at the time of me looking at it, anyway) and many organizations have hundreds if not thousands or even millions, in some cases, of machines that this would have to be done on. Not only that, but this also affected user machines even those who work remotely. Imagine trying to walk a user with little to no technical experience through that process because you cannot use any sort of remote software to do this.

    Because of all this, it led to mass chaos for many organizations. Turns out a lot of businesses were using this which caused the massive global impact.

    They’re saying this is probably the worst global outage we’ve ever experienced as of yet because of this.

    It should be noted that CrowdStrike is also compatible for Linux and Mac machines too but these weren’t affected because the bug was only compatible with Windows machines.

  • The city of Gotham has been shown to be very corrupt, so higher taxes may not exactly fix the issue. This was seen very heavily in the police department before and even during Gordon becoming police commissioner. This is why Gordon and a lot of the civilians embrace the Batman figure because he’s not corrupt.