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  • If he’s a “hard follower” of Joe Rogan than he likely won’t be interested in other content. Rogan is a fool, but that’s why people find him appealing. Content that is insightful and educational is the opposite of the junk food of Rogan.

    Maybe instead, when Rogan says something like “Bro did you know like the pineal gland of the chimpanzee produces anti-covid hormones? This is just what I’ve heard. Look it up. By the way did you see the tree growing in my toilet?” You can help your sibling by teaching them ways to think, reason, and critically evaluate the BS that freely flows from the Roganverse.

  • Do you remember when Sun Chips changed their chip bag material to a more environmentally friendly compostable material? People lost their minds. Why? Because the bag crinkled a lot. All of the boring late night talk shows made fun of Sun Chips bags. So, they switched it back to the old bags.

    Moral of the story is that people don’t care if something is better for the environment if it inconveniences them now. If everything was in cans people would cry because they can’t close them or whatever. In fact, many items that were previously sold in cans are now plastic. Also, money… Cheaper to wrap water in plastic.

    You can still buy Coca-cola in glass bottles if you look hard enough. But they are pricey.

  • I’ve found the term “independence” to be ambiguous when discussing Taiwan. Everyone knows Taiwan is effectively an independent state. But in practice, it is less clear where the government or people of Taiwan stand on the topic. For example, Taiwan has agreed to participate in the Olympics under an ambiguous name, Chinese Taipei. Which is purposively designed to appease notions of independence from China.

    For me, it would encompass the idea of a formal declaration of the Taiwan state. Perhaps even renaming the country from RoC to Taiwan to further solidify that notion, which I think does not have popular support in Taiwan. In fact, the PRC has clearly stated that military action would occur if Taiwan “declared independence”. So, instead of “declaring independence”, I hear that Taiwan instead says “well, we don’t have to declare independence, because we already are. So, we aren’t going to declare it.” Which to me sounds like: “We would officially and unambiguously declare independence, but we are afraid of what the PRC would do if we did. So, instead we are going to act like we don’t have to do it because we already are independent… even though we won’t declare it”. I don’t know… I’m probably just confused.