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    Posting or reblogging a meme to/from a meme tag on tumblr, isn’t something I’d consider ‘talking’ to anyone. Nor would a news article be, or anything else that I mentioned above.

    A great many popular tumblr posts have no notes or conversational reblogs either, as they’re just photos of cool looking frogs or memes or images of stuff like that.

    If you really want to, you can make posts to the fediverse/reddit/tumblr/etc that are just you talking to yourself.

    If you’re funny, interesting or popular enough, some people might even come to talk to you on your post, or just read and upvote/reblog you.

    If enough people do this, the algorithm picks it up and lots of people get to see you talking to yourself till other people join in.

    And if it’s a funny/interesting enough post, the content might even be screenshotted and shared across platforms.

    What do you think is more likely to be screenshotted and shared across platforms: a funny/interesting conversation, or a really popular picture of a frog that has no comments?
    And what do you think there is more of on tumblr?

  • Well sure, if you like the sound of your own voice so much, you can do that.

    Or you could follow a buch of tags and reblog art, nature, politics, comedy, maths, articles, photos, gifsets and games.

    And if you really want to talk to people, the reblogs, tags and notes are good places to get words out, and there are dms and asks too (if you switch them on).