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  • Make sure you read to the end of that article. Nevalny himself (NPR interview, maybe?) admitted that he has courted the far right as well as the left in his bid to expose corruption within the Russian system and gain enough support to attempt to topple the Putin regime. He is unapologetic about it as he feels his intent (to clean up Russia and push for democracy) justifies his acceptance of all Russians as fellow countrymen. Like most people seeking power, his path is not pure and his antagonists will use that to poison any positive message he presents.

  • Their names are on the titles, they own the homes. Their banks - the mortgage lenders - hold a rights to a lien placed on the property, but they have no title to the property unless they enforce the terms of their lending contract in the event of default.

    The owners making 500k may very well be just a few months from foreclosure if they lose their job, but they likely have at least 20% (likely much more unless they bought at a premium two years ago) equity and can probably salvage at least half - even after fees - if they were to become “destitute” and undertook a regular sale of the property. 10% of a million dollars (or more), for most of the country, is still a healthy sum of money.