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  • As an EV owner, I love my EV. My state had a tax rebate that paid for my home charger, and my SO installed it (though it can be very costly to get a power line run to your parking spot if you can’t do it yourself). It’s easier to drive (1-petal driving, regenerative breaking), I like how quiet it is, and I can go (almost) anywhere roadtrip-wise and have chargers available. However, there is a need for more chargers out in the world as there are places it’s hard to travel because the chargers have too much distance between them.

    As a pedestrian, I wish more people drive electric cars because my walking path is so noisy (and sometimes smelly) on the main road because of the ICE cars. I would prefer a world where we didn’t need cars, but I commute 30 miles at the moment, so that’s out of the question for me.

  • Listen, I was around back in the days of this meme (and the others with this background - the advice wolves, the overly attached girlfriend, etc.), and they used standard meme protocol - Impact, white with black outline. The bloom effect is straight up comic sans, not srs meme stature!!

    I’m not actually mad, I’m just playing. It was just strange to see the non-standard and it threw me off.