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  • I think that taking a hard-line “policy” on something is inherently stupid. Everything has nuance, and having very strong, rigid opinions about the hot-button issues of the day doesn’t make you smarter or better than those that are more apathetic.

    I’m generally pro-choice, but I fully understand why many people have issues with abortions and I don’t really blame them for wanting to outlaw the practice. I’m in favor of SOME increased gun control, but I also think that people are wayyyy too obsessed with guns in general. There are other things that kill a lot more people than guns but nobody’s freaking out about those. So honestly I think there isn’t much to be gained here by trying to make guns harder to buy, or taking people’s guns away, or whatever.

  • I had a wiener dog that absolutely SLAYED moles like it was his job. Seriously, I bet he killed more than a hundred over a few years. I guess it kind of was his job, wieners are bred to hunt burrowing animals like that. Dachshund is German for “badger hound”.

    Anyway, he got a little older, fatter, and lazier, and we also moved to an area with tougher soil, so his mole slaying days were over (we thought). But then we got a young German Shepherd, and he figured out that he could find the mole (his downward pointing ears made him good at that), start digging the hole, and then stand back and let her take over. Then after she did all the hard work of grabbing and killing the thing, he would steal it from her and come present it to us very proudly.

    He wasn’t a terribly bright dog, so I was really impressed when he started doing that. The German Shepherd was way smarter than him by any measure, but I think she didn’t care that he was taking credit for her kills. She was just having fun helping him. Both excellent dogs, I miss them a lot.

  • Tailscale isn’t necessary, it’s just what I use for remote access. And you can use Jellyfin/Emby/Kodi with Radarr too, it’s not specific to Plex.

    SOCKS5 proxy keeps the letters away (I live in NYC). I’ve read that it’s because ISP’s don’t bother actually monitoring torrent traffic. They only act when a copyright holder reports your IP for piracy. So if you hide your IP then they can’t see you.

    A proxy is not encrypted, to be clear. But it turns out encryption isn’t actually necessary if you just want your ISP to stop bugging you. If laws change and torrenting becomes more dangerous, I’ll probably switch to a proper VPN. But a proxy is faster and easier.

  • I have Plex, Radarr, Prowlarr, and Qbittorrent all installed on the same dedicated server. I’m using a SOCKS5 proxy instead of a VPN, it works great because I set up Qbittorrent to use the proxy and I just leave it running 24/7. I also have Tailscale installed for remote access, setup for that is dead simple.

    Here’s my workflow if I’m away from home:

    1. Turn on Tailscale on my phone.
    2. Open my radar app (it’s called LunaSea).
    3. Search for and add the movie I want.

    That’s it. If I’m already at home, step 1 is not necessary.

    Prowlarr and Radarr find the movie on my registered indexers, at the desired quality, and send the torrent to Qbittorrent. Then when the download is finished they automatically rename the files and move them to my Plex library (and they could do the same with Jellyfin). Roughly 10 minutes after I finish step 3 (more or less depending on seeds), the movie magically appears in my Plex library. I don’t have to turn a VPN on or off.

  • I think what you’re talking about doing is quite difficult, and there will be a lot of obstacles in your way. You’re proposing:

    1. Circumventing the API fees, which is something that ChatGPT would definitely not like, and they will make it as difficult as possible. You’re not the only one trying to avoid paying for this very popular service.

    2. Crawling the entire contents of each page with a bot, which is another thing that websites do NOT want you to do. There are only a handful of RSS readers that do this, and they’re paid, closed-source, proprietary apps. And even those probably don’t work on certain websites.

    I’m not saying it’s impossible, just that you have chosen a very difficult path here. If you’ve never developed an app before, start with a smaller, simpler project.

  • Completely disagree.

    1. Noodle is hilarious and his pregnant pauses are top-tier.

    2. This video was specifically defending the indie dev, Nelson, that made the post that kicked this stuff off. Sure, other AAA devs responded to him, but it was Nelson that got most of the negative attention and death threats, even though his opinions were VERY measured and reasonable. It was also a criticism of the IGN guy that directed everyone’s attention and pitchforks towards Nelson by cherry-picking his statements and taking them out of context.

    3. The specifics of the length/scope of the game are honestly less important, IMO. The video is just a level-headed look at why this excellent game is so excellent, and why it’s unrealistic to expect every game from now on to be like this. That, and he’s trying to get gamers to chill the fuck out and stop with the death threats.