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  • That statement in the article is misleading. It’s only paywalled while it’s in beta. After that he releases to the public for free.

    The measly $3/month he asks for pays for him to run a small team of people who analyze boards and schematics, document those findings (also released to the public) and create cores for several different FPGA devices (built upon his own development framework which helps speed up the process). Jotego is probably doing the most to preserve arcade games in FPGA form out of all of the developers who do such work.

    I happily pay the $3 every month. Recently Jotego was responsible for producing a finished TMNT core (Furrtek did the board schematics but he dislikes writing cores), The Simpsons, OutRun and more. Moonwalker is just another in a long line of excellent releases.

  • Regular kratom leaf is so mild. Coffee is way more addictive. I’ve quit kratom cold turkey each time I’ve taken a tolerance break and had no issues. I cannot quit caffeine cold turkey.

    I’m not recommending gas station kratom extract shots. Dry, ground leaf is what I take. OP asked for something other than caffeine which isn’t exactly healthy in the amounts the meme describes.

    Was your roommate using the liquid shots? I feel like you’ve gotten some bad information regarding what kratom is and isn’t. I assume you’ve never tried it. Is that correct?

  • Kratom is stimulating but not as much of a harsh stimulation IMO. A close friend of mine has ADHD, and he has repeatedly expressed how grateful he is that I introduced him to kratom. He gets a lot of side effects from Vivance (and the others) that kratom helps smooth out.

    I am not sure if I truly have a mild form of ADHD or if I just share some of the symptoms, but I generally find it easier to concentrate when I have some kratom in my system. All of my close friends are neurodivergent, and I suspect there’s a reason why.