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  • actually, it is. let me explain.

    Let’s simplify and say that there are peak hours and low hours. 100 people call during a peak hour, and 25 during a low hour. The chance of calling during a peak hour is 80%, since you are four times as likely to be one of the 100 rather than one of the 25.

    The same effect means that you are almost always on planes and trains that are very full, even though every now and then they ride almost empty. Fewer people get to experience empty train rides by definition.

    Of course this effect falls apart when your usage patterns differ from everybody else’s. If everybody takes the train at rush hour, you might ride an empty one at noon. Or, if you call the hotline while everybody else is sleeping, you might have a better chance.

    But yeah companies also just lie to make themselves look better lol

  • okay well Western media isn’t talking about it. I exclusively hear about this on lemmy from folks simping for China.

    Fuck all empires, fuck the US, fuck China, fuck Russia. All have shitty to broken democracies and way too much centralized power.

    What’s the point of constantly defending China? If it was just a one time thing that’s fine, but it happens nonstop around these parts.

    No need to simp for China to be a communist