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  • I can see these rules being applied if you worked at a fast food min wage or a supermarket as a stocker in a bad store. I’m referring to places where Karens abuse fresh wide-eyed teenagers hoping to change the world. In my city right now, there’s a bunch of places like that, like a Wendy’s in the hood or a Supermarket that has to lock up mouthwash. Its depressing.

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    As a person of color, I always hate this example because it forces the victimized to be the force of change.

    Imagine: “Gay folks, those Nazis actively trying to kill you? Just work harder at being friendly and changing their hearts.”

    Or “Ladies, look. Some of you may die. But with enough work, you can really convert these hateful incels into upstanding human beings.”

    I’m not discounting his work and I think he did something amazing. But there’s a survivors bias here.

  • After a while, it’s just part of the cost.

    Not much of an expense imo. Like giving a speeding ticket to a billionaire, it doesn’t actually mean much if you’re rich enough.

    Id rather make the initial purchase cost extraordinarily expensive after buying more than two houses. Third house is 5x the cost. Fourth house is 50x the cost. Nobody needs four houses so it’s a fuck you tax.