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  • Russia successfully resisting and damaging US imperialism is a much better result for communists than the US empire further expanding. The russian federation is very much economically liberal, in the exact same way as the west and particularly America, so there is no real reason for us to dislike them more on those grounds. As much as the west paints Putin as an authoritarian dictator, he is actually popular in Russia. He saved the country from economic crisis and massively improved living conditions - not to the level of the USSR, but still in a way very much felt by the public. It is the liberal democracy the west wanted to turn it into, they just don’t like that it’s a competing liberal democracy rather than a subservient one. Arguably a more successful liberal democracy, as they actually like their leader.

    Communism can grow far more easily in a multipolar world, so despite being deeply critical of both sides in general we support the side whose success creates more advantageous conditions for us.

  • bro they are like $50 at the pound just get a stray…

    This is the start and the end of it as far as I’m concerned. I’m sure that there’s some niche cases where cloning a dog would be worthwhile, but cloning your dog isn’t going to bring the same dog back. The end result will be pretty much the same as adopting an existing dog of the same breed, but adoption doesn’t waste masses of time, money, and resources.