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  • In case your statement wasn’t actually carefully crafted to make your point (kudos if so!): Yeah, you got it right.

    That was a post correctly identifying the problem of the decades long rising anti-intellectualism cultured amidst the populace (See Carl Sagan’s excellent and chillingly prescient “I have a foreboding of an America in my children’s or grandchildren’s time…” quote).

    Said post then really had the gall to not just take all agency from the willfully ignorant alongside their responsibility, but it then goes further to state that the fault lies with the non-willfully ignorant.

    Then it suggests that the non-willfully ignorant are in fact being willfully ignorant to the fact that they have to (I had to pause and re-read here, the weight of the author’s cojones was throwing me off) locate simpler and/or rougher folk more like ‘The Midwestern’ to do the messaging in a more “relatable” (air quotes) way.

    I admit, my born and raised through the abject poverty and bare unfinished construction found the world around from the Favelas to the heights of Appalachia was quite “ready to slap a smarmy ass city fucker” by the end there.

    But then I realized: If not maliciously posted then clearly they may not realize it. They may actually think that the miseducation, furthering divide, and increasing tensions amongst those who consider themselves team “knows better about feelings” and those who consider themselves team “feels better about knowing” have anything to do with the direct interactions between the two groups, and not the reality: The messaging being bought and paid for.

    Who benefits from the poors not realizing that the scope and limits of their wits are quite the same human potential as the inhabit of any gilded tower?

    That post was saying that intelligence and fact-finding is making people feel stupid and attacked, but it failed to correctly attribute that to the fact that people are being told and taught to feel that way, as part of the ever present real issue.

    That is what being willfully ignorant of the fact you’re carrying water for the sick and mentally twisted Billionaires who remember the human mental potential and must live constantly suppressing it in terror of the alternative, looks like.

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    People are supposed to include the fact that the pencil can go through because (layman terminology abuse ahead) of the “shape” the space-time topology is presenting (or I guess being induced to present as, if Sci-fi hypothetical) before you get to the explanation of the pencil as craft/observer and how the hole is how that shortened path through the wormhole appears from frames of reference not the pencil.

    I like the bagel idea but then you have to hold it all horizontal while explaining so they don’t see the hole too early and you’re then just left intently staring at your audience across a bagel held at eye height like a slowly hungering loon. Or so I’ve heard.

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    But neither of you know that. That’s just the most anecdotally likely. You’re doing the same thing as the presumably real friend is doing: discounting the reality OP is saying they’re experiencing (they don’t feel like celebrating currently because ofcurrent affairs) and replacing it with head in the sand “touch grass” disguised with the words it takes for you to feel like you’re correct.

    Maybe that friend always has their head in the sand. Maybe that friend is maliciously giddy about the possibilities espoused by shit like Project 2025 and deflecting.

    I, am hoping you can both understand I’m saying you look like hypocrites. No inference needed.

  • What is the problem they’re so pragmatically a part of? And how do you pin both the content creators needing to eat and the reasonable take of that commenter on the poor Marketing executives who care about neither but just want–actually what do they (end goal of marketing, literally, semantically) want, in your eyes while you’re at it? It is their (the marketing execs) side I take it you’re on, since the commenter you replied to is part of the problem and the creators do “an ad is an ad” things?

    Challenge; remember capitalism exists in the world as it must as the beginning of your answer (but if you can make it vanish and it all works out by the end of the answer, that’s cool too as lots of us are looking for that one).

    How is that other commenter part of the problem, actually part of the problem suspect?

  • Beware the (only) highly empathetic too, while you’re at it.

    Get the right (wrong) combination and you have:

    Someone who can understand and read the changes they are engendering in others, adjust manipulation in real time, feel terrible about it, but be able to justify it to themselves as improving the lot of others if they genuinely lack the intelligence to comprehend the whole “you can lead a horse to water but not make it drink” adage.

    Self-awareness is tragically never a guarantee; much less using it to take responsibility for shortcomings.

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    2 months ago

    You’re like a rogue, misunderstood Guru on a journey of ‘I know leave me alone, I was describing the meta-woes of seeming to carry a dearth of knowledge, not the lack itself’.

    Just pointing out from a passing ship; yeah, I see the semantic headaches and agree it’s a silly maritime tradition.

  • This is simply because of how batteries work. We’re focusing on lithium ion batteries, the most common in computing at our current point in time, and these are simplifications and not electrical engineering down to the exactest detail.

    They can only hold the max charge when brand new. As they are used (charged and discharged), literal physical wear is happening within the battery (really, series of battery cells, it is not one chunk that fails at once). The capacity for the ions to “stay” on the desired side of the anode-cathode pair diminishes over time.

    This is why batteries are advertised as maintaining x amount (usually 80%) after x cycles (usually 500) and why a device having a good Battery Management System (BMS) can be as important as how many mAH units a battery is rated as having.

    As to why a plugged in battery suffers the same fate? Physics is cruel. A charge cycle is just defined as using an amount equal to 100% of your battery. Nothing says it has to be all at once.

    A plugged-in lithium-ion battery still undergoes wear because it experiences minor discharges and recharges, contributing to charge cycles. Heat from constant charging and chemical aging also degrade the battery over time, leading to shorter battery life when eventually used unplugged.