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  • Trying to keep myself out of trouble… But I have in one way or another have dealt with most big corps. The ones that scare me the most are the mom and pop shops that lack the infrastructure for a regulatory group. Like a team dedicated on keeping up with all the various changes both locally and globally since… As you mentioned products do ship and it’s hard to track where things come from. And I think that’s why I tend to trust these larger entities (now anyway). They have to deal with global regulations and not just the FDA stuff. That said, the FDA just ruled out a mandate on traceability standards for 2026. But to your point, I’m not sure how public this will be as it seems like it would lay out a companies supply chain and customer base…which are considered trade secrets.

    I guess time will tell.

    I wanna be clear, I’m not really a fanboi, it’s just something I’m surrounded by with my current role and wanted to share my experiences while not sharing anything that would get me in trouble… I need that check y’all 🥺

  • While I don’t doubt nor deny this happens (looking at you 3M), but I will say from experience, a lot of the bigger corps push themselves to exceed food safety standards. Well at least, in my experience in the food biz … Granted I’m more in the luxurious sector. But yeah, since 2008 we’ve been well beyond what is being asked… Mostly for perception, but overall for financial reasons. In general a food safety incident costs about 10 mil (average anyway). Like we’ve been testing for heavy metals well before I started … And now that’s a big thing being tested for and such. The FDA sets a pretty low bar… Most of their actions tend to be reactionary.

    Again, not saying I disagree, just stating my one point of data from my anecdotal experience.