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  • But what when I wanna play some games that fit perfectly for such trips?

    Cult of the lamb is like perfect for such a task and many many other games.

    I fucking loved playing Titanfall 2 campaign here and then while on a trip. Fucking satisfying for some reason. Some games are not really enjoyable on the trip. But a Book? Idk. Its personal preference what you want and need.

    I guess I will switch to books for now, but the bit younger me didn’t liked books and enjoyed it a lot to play on rides instead of at home, you know.

  • I use my deck more than my powerful laptop. Because I can use my PC instead of my laptop and dock my Steam Deck and work wherever I need, instead of my laptop.

    Laptops don’t have their place for gaming anymore for most people now.

    But my dream laptop came out named Starlite from Star Labs which is small, has a detachable keyboard, can code and write with an stylus and live up to 14h. Like a chromebook or tablet. So idk. Some people would probably still need a Laptop for Blender and stuff on the go.

  • My ex broke up because I revived an important problem that was a month old, but she eskalated and broke up. Didnt hurt as she had too many red flags she couldnt fix.

    We had a hotel that couldnt be canceled and I was alone with it and payed it alone too. I talked about this issue in a discord dating server and a Person DMed me.

    We both also talked how we both dont want a reltationship in future after having both similar issues. But somehow, we both were too attractive and had the best sex in our both’s life. We also are very similar and tend to be the person who we dreamed of to have as a partner.

    Now life goes on and we are a bit too far away, still. After University we plan to come together and meet every vacation for the best sex again.

    I was accepting and embracing the void with the addition to focus on myself and isolate a bit. I loved the idea to finally be able to focus on myself only, but got the love of my life instead.

    I still can focus on myself easily for some reason. Other relationships dragged my entire focus onto them as I always had problems that I wasnt allowed to talk about. But with her I easily can talk about anything