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  • Based on the little you share, I would lean towards that being a valid diagnosis. Nothing wrong with getting a second opinion though. Sounds like this is pretty new to you, so it is understandable that you a feeling this way. I’d suggest doing some research on it to see if you can relate and maybe check out local mental health support groups. They are free and peers with mental illnesses themselves. Talking to friends or people you know that you trust about how you were doing before treatment and now may be helpful as it can be very difficult to have personal insight with mental health issues.

    There are various injectable treatments for it these days which means you don’t have to remember to take pills. Some last around a month and I have heard there are some that last half a year.

    Pricing seems about right if in the US. A month of generic pills can be around $700 without insurance not to mention doctor appointment co-fees. Keep in mind that not taking schizophrenia treatment can end up costing more, not even getting into broken relationships, lost jobs and interruptions to education.

  • A-shell

    Hadn’t heard of a-shell. On my iPad I occasionally use iSH for bittorent, among other uses. I do agree it is on the slower side, but that is in part because of Apple’s rules about JITs and this forces iSH to use an interpreter. I do think an interpreter of ARM ISA would potentially be faster as the ISA is fixed width and x86 is not, but I don’t know if that would be margin of error faster or not.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Edit: I may have came across that before, but iSH is more flexible, if much slower.