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  • So prison might actually be worse, as it’ll get his voters out and then if he wins there’s no way he’ll go to prison or have any other trials.

    I said this a week ago, and got obliterated for it. I’m glad this concept seems to be resonating with other Lemmings now that some time has passed.

    I completely agree with your other analysis as well. If the goal is for Trump to get what he deserves from the long dick of the law then the only way that happens is if he loses this election.

    The last thing anybody who gives a fuck about the future of democracy in this country should want is to turn that cocksucker into a martyr five months out from the only personal referendum on his ideology that we are going to get.

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    Fighting a land war with urban and CQC elements is messy and complicated. See: Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq as examples. Ukraine is in no way representative of what would happen in a full on shooting war, conventional or otherwise, between larger military powers.

    It’s disturbingly stupid that you don’t understand Russia could flatten the entire country of Ukraine if it wanted to. This entire conflict is about containment and bleeding their surplus conventional weaponry so they cannot launch another offensive conflict against NATO. That is only working because completely destroying the country is counter-productive to Russian interests.

  • You want to know what is even more fucked up. The Renton police King County Sherriff’s office was conducting an emergency response drill in the same parking lot less than 250 feet away from where his car was AT THE EXACT SAME TIME THIS HAPPENED. He didn’t have to “call the fucking police”, he could have literally rolled down his window and screamed for help, and they would have come running. Also the police station is literally like 3 blocks away from where this store is located anyway. Fuck this dumb cunt. If it was up to me he would be getting life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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