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  • How long did that last for ya, if you don’t mind my asking?

    I’ve been in glasses/contacts since like 3rd grade? 5th grade? Somewhere in there. Always liked the idea of being able to wake up with perfect vision every day, but also wanted to wait for tech and techniques to develop a bit more. Figured there’s a sweet spot for the procedure where I’ll have the benefit during my squirrelly years.

    Hitting them mid 30s now so I’m considering the procedure again. If I could get at least a solid decade or so before needing lenses again, feels fairly worth it. How has your experience been with it?

  • I’m flummoxed for sure. I need a computer to be a bit of a power house, ideally well equipped for music production software and live performance, DJ software, graphic design/animation/illustration, and at least for the desktop gaming. Been in the market for a laptop so I can take at least the music & design production on the go, but damn I hate laptop shopping.

    Unsuuuure if Linux is compatible with the graphic/music production software I’m working with, or if there are viable work arounds. Windows 11 looks like a dumpster fire I do not wish to support. I’d really like to avoid Apple as I have my own grievances there too. Windows 10 obviously seems on the way out.

    Long story long, feeling a bit lost on how best to proceed. If anyone uses Linux for similar creative endeavors, would love to hear your roses and thorns on the matter. Certainly open to recommendations for a sturdy war horse of a lappy as well.

  • Pretty much this. I like to DJ, mostly a hobbyist over paying gigs these days, and have plenty of tunes ripped from the tube. Now I have the fun task of trying to replace everything with higher quality versions. Shitty rips are fine enough for a house party on a humble audio system, but proper venues with subs and high fidelity audio setup make it obvious you ripped from YouTube.

    In a perfect world I would love to buy what I use. Problem is I would need an insane budget to grab what I want. I listen to a lot of a music.

  • RinseDrizzle@midwest.socialtomemes@lemmy.worldMost annoying feature ever
    21 days ago

    Hot take but hasn’t been a problem for me. Like, the feature stays off until I turn it on again, and I only turn it on when I’m trying to expand a playlist.

    I use Spotify for discovering new songs, mostly for adding to the DJ arsenal. I listen to a lot of music. Enough that I make like 15-20ish playlists a year for various subgenres of tunes either released or discovered that year.

    Since I compartmentalize my genres so methodically, smart recommendations tend to be on the money and more of what I’m looking for. But again, when I just wanna hear what I’ve assembled I just leave it off – never on unless I turn it on.

    Definitely been eyeballing alternatives though, since Spotty is getting deeper into their enshitty arc.