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  • Of course you can’t predict the future, and neither can motorists. What you can do is ride at a speed reasonably slow enough that you can react to people, and you can ride on the side of the pathway further from the doorways.

    And like I said already, a bike on person accident at slow speed is favorable to risking my own life or life-changing injury by riding in the street.

    If you’re trying to change my mind, stop trying. For anyone reading this, petition your local government to build safe bike lanes with solid barriers and we won’t have to have this argument.

  • What that republican senator is doing is immature but military readiness isn’t really that important considering our massive lead over every other country in the world, not to mention our extensive network of allies. Nobody is invading the USA.

    Military spending needs to be cut by at least 25% and then maybe we’d have some money to spend on actually relevant concerns

    But yes, it shows the partisan and regressive attitudes of the current GOP. It’s sad to see that the OC seems to care about making progress on important issues like public welfare only to get brainwashed into thinking it’s the left’s fault for being inefficient. There is some truth to that but the reason our advocates of social progress can’t get anything done is specifically because of the GOP’s zero-sum stonewalling.

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    Yeah the statement suggests as if elder people don’t currently live in the same world as us today, while some of them may be out of touch, they have the same ability to understand the current climate as young people do. Some are stuck in the past but that’s for too broad of a generalization