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  • Forcing thousands of grandmother’s into endless work. Destroying ecosystems. Ravaging planets. Ending light itself. Enslaving Gods. And eliminating every parallel world in existence. All to make cookies. More and more. On and on and on. Universes of cookies more numerous than atoms in the cosmos.

    But I’m almost done.

  • I did the math a few years ago because I couldn’t find anyone else who had published it. This is rough and IANAM (mathmagicman).

    Every single day 8,000 boomers and above die, and 12,000 people turn 18 and those numbers are actually accelerating. If you use existing data to estimate conservative/liberal and likely voters within those groups it works out to a delta of 10,000 per day on a national scale. That’s 5,000 votes switching every single day. That might not seem like alot. Because it really isn’t. Out of 155 million votes cast, 10,000 is .006 percent. But here’s the thing. It’s cumulative. And it just doesn’t stop. It is relentless. it’s 300k a month, 3.6 million per year. And that pace is accelerating. Between 2020 and 2024 it’s a 15 million vote difference. By 2028 it’s 30 million.

    It used to be that people age into conservatism. But that is not happening with millennials. The demographics are changing, and changing quickly. The most conservative group in the country is dying. While the most liberal group is rising.

    We just have to hold on to democracy for a few more years. This will all be behind us. Another 10k today.

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    I’ve actually got a few really cool things coming together in my life. Job is going well. Back on the bicycle as soon as it warms back up. Back in the gym now. Another “supplement” cycle upcoming. Just bought a house. The podcast went from 0 to several thousand downloads a month in 1 year. Starting a non profit that has a huge interest in donations already. May start twitch streaming for fun.

    So I’ll claim it. 2024 will be my year.