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  • Would you seriously shake someone’s hand who had just been in their armpit or balls scratching it? Because I don’t think any healthy human would answer yes to this question, it’s gross. Sometimes people just need the right frame of reference to remind themselves.

    Because no, cashiers don’t want to handle god damn boob and sock money, they would refuse if it wouldn’t get them fired.

    Yes bras are far dirtier than shirts, just like your balls aren’t as clean as your armpits, sweat makes shit disgusting, strange concept eh? Underwear is underwear. And yes I am totally aware people eat ass, it’s usually after a shower to clean it up. Fucking lol.

  • Bras are far dirtier than shirts, that’s a strange lie to make to justify hanging dirty underwear on a door handle.

    It’s unsanitary underwear touching something people use frequently. Why do you think this okay? Just like women think it’s okay to store their phone and money there, it’s not sanitary lmfao. But try and claim it is, no one wants to touch your sweaty boob money, fucking hell ladies it’s disgusting no matter how you try and claim it isn’t. Would you like someone to take their money out of their briefs and hand it to you? Because that’s the same situation.

    If bras aren’t dirtier than shirts, than briefs and panties aren’t either. You going to claim that too?

  • You know what bras get covered in and now is all over the door handle? Sweat. The issue is the sweat from the bra…

    Yeesh. Do women not realize these get covered in sweat…? The fact that women think it’s okay to keep money/phone in there is even worse… and they expect stores to accept the cash.

    It’s unsanitary and disgusting, the fact that this needs to be pointed out is quite frankly astonishing. Keep your underwear away from shit people need to touch. Not a hard concept. What would you think of a pair of briefs was hanging here? Not going to be the same discussion… it’s just briefs, only balls go in them…. See how stupid that is?

    Lmfao wow ladies good job.