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    In the days before Wannsee Conference (Nazis setting up death camps) but after the invasion of Poland where most executions occurred by firing squad, there were German tourists who would travel to partake in the firing squads. So the trauma is not universal across the human experience and there’s some circumstances that would cause individuals to kill. Lynchings and massacres in the US, are examples of this occurring without a war to give cover to killings.

  • @kier @kingludd there’s a cultural harm that you’re not a real man/'Murican/Christian/conservative/etc if you aren’t living a life of the non-cosmopolitan by riding a bike or interested in anything else other than car-dependency and all the ancillary things that come with that, since that starts to bleed into the suburbs and even urban areas. There’s white-collar workers doing their morning commute in full-size pickups telling themselves that mass transit is for dirty poor people not therm

  • @michaelrose @booty Biden should have, for the good of the party and nation, step aside and have announced he wasn’t going to run for reelection. With a lively primary, the narrative in news cycle would be dominated by a bunch of Democrats saying why their vision was better riffing off of Biden’s accomplishment (as smell as they were) and contrasting against GOP’s criminal conspiracies and apologists for criminals. Instead we will have a return of hide-a-Biden strategy but no pandemic