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  • It will give meaning, purpose and structure to your life

    The meaning of life is what you make it. I don’t need God to give me purpose.

    provide an instant community

    I was raised catholic and this is a valid point. The issue is it’s a community gathered around harmful ideas.

    As for the rest, the placebo effect is scientifically proven to work. I have absolutely no doubt that believing in a higher power helps you beat addiction, etc. I don’t think that justifies the harm organized religion has caused, particularly recently. Does God want to force 10 year olds to give birth? Because that’s what’s happening in his name.

  • They have a very impressive tech demo. Sadly it’s about as wide as an ocean and shallow as a puddle because they keep expanding the scope but not fleshing anything out, all the while releasing “pledge” shit for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

    A scheme designed to milk players for as much as possible? Sure. Outright scam? No. For as negative as I am on the subject, the “game” does exist and there are in fact people who enjoy it while understanding what it truly is.