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  • As this is a post on Beehaw, I’m going to abide by the rule and omit any unsavory words I was originally going to include 🙂

    Whether intentional or not, the slur filter was one of the most genius things the Lemmy developers have ever done. No one was under any false pretenses that it was the absolute best way of moderating a space. In fact, everyone knew from the get-go that it had its fair share of problems! But it did one thing splendidly: it acted as a barrier against people obsessed with free speech who claim a slur filter is a tool used by some nebulous participants in the current culture war. I’ll refer to this comment made by user uabstraction on Hacker News 2 years ago.

    Even to this day you see those people using the slur filter as a talking point against the devs, the software, the wider community, etc. even though it hasn’t been hard-coded or required for over a year at this point!

    Meanwhile, as they continue to avoid Lemmy and prophesize its downfall, the people actually participating on Lemmy are growing a community and just generally vibing! No one is fainting at the thought that they can’t say a slur.

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    Whats stopping someone adding horrific images as a commenter and forcing everyone in the thread to view it?

    I agree with you for this exact reason. Lemmy has had its share of trolls in the the past who have abused this feature by posting scat porn in random threads. It makes browsing Lemmy in public scary.

    Plus, it makes it easier for people to just spam emotes or GIFs that ultimately lessen the quality of discussions. I’ve seen many Reddit threads that are just: