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  • I’ve used btrfs-autosnap for a while on Arch and it’s brilliant. Whenever you install or remove something with pacman it creates a btrfs snapshot of your subvolumes and if you have grub-btrfs install too they get added to Grub menu. Very handy.

    You can define which subvolumes you want snapshotted and how many snapshots of each you want to keep. Which means it also removes the oldest snapshot when a new is created if it gets over the keep amount.

  • Mine is about 8W on average.

    It’s an Odroid H3 that runs Nextcloud, Jellyfin, AudiobookShelf, a bunch of websites and Home Assistant.

    It has 2x Sata SSD’s connected.

    This setup is not high speed at all, so it’s not what you asked about. I just answered the headline question. ;)

    If any air ventilation fan turns on in the house it uses at least 3x that power, so I don’t calculate the price on my servers power draw as it almost not noticable.