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  • They’ve been playing the long game here…encroaching on your Drive storage for years

    • Gmails didn’t used to count towards storage
    • Photos didn’t used to count towards storage (unless stored in “Original” quality)

    I’m wagering “Location Data” will be along soon. Then “number of passwords stored”.

    Next move will be “number of connected devices”, even though that doesn’t impact how much they have to store.

    Finally they will get round to billing you on your number of individual body hairs (shaving in breach of T&Cs).

  • Yes, you’re absolutely right, I’d forgotten about that.

    I think my main point is still valid though - Godzilla is a physical manifestation of the destruction that nuclear activity can cause.

    As I read on another post somewhere: “Ask a Japanese, and radiation creates monsters. Ask an American, and radiation creates superheros.”

  • I saw this movie at the cinema in 1979 when it was released. I was 14, therefore 4 years too young to see it (UK, "X Certificate), but a member of friend group with a gruff voice went to the ticket office).

    Large cinema, packed out, lots of excited mumbling until the film started.

    After the face-hugger jump shot, total and absolute silence. And the at the chest-burster scene… absolute chaos. Screams. Real screams, not happy roller coaster screams. A few people leaving, unable to take it.

    And it got me. It hit me hard. I had deliberately avoided any description of the movie so had no expectations, and then this happened, ,right there in front of me. The gore, the realistic acting, the pain of John Hurt…oh my…

    That set the scene for the rest of the movie and you knew they weren’t fucking about.

    It traumatized me for weeks. Superb movie.

    Edited on request.

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    8 months ago

    I hate that this is even a thing.

    • Godzilla is a metaphor (either intended or simply ingrained in the Japanese psyche) for Hiroshima and Nagasaki
    • King Kong is a “Beauty and the Beast” love story

    They are from different eras and are important films in their own way.

    But we end up getting this shite because monsters must fight monsters, apparently.

    It’s all a load of fucking shit and devalues the importance of each movies. It should never have been made.

    Anyway, I haven’t seen the movie but Godzilla would win. Atomic breath. Come on guys, the monkey’s dead meat that you can’t touch for a hundred thousand years.

  • By that logic:

    1. Isolation is not freedom
    2. Freedom (includes¹) the ability to mingle with other societies. But whilst you are in the company of other societies, you are bound by their social constructs (rules,laws). So you aren’t free, except of course you’re free to leave. In which case, see (1).

    ¹ The use of the word “includes” implies other examples exist. What are they?

  • I’m unclear about the Fraud charges.

    In a Fraud case, you deliberately set out to take other people’s money, illegally, from the offset.

    I don’t think he did that. I think his intentions were honest but he got too cocky by providing loans and overspending. However, I feel that he thought he was smart enough to make it all back and make good, like Nick Leeson.

    I don’t think he set out to be a crook. I think he set out to be extremely wealthy, thought he was smarter than he was, then couldn’t cope when things started to collapse.

    It’s different from setting out to craft a scheme to rob people.