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  • You’d be surprised how little math is involved in programming that doesn’t require it. A significant majority of programming is simply managing conditionals. For example: “when the door opens, turn on the light.”

    Math comes into place when you need it, and hardly ever comes as a surprise. Additionally, solved problems are generally kept in libraries. For example, you don’t need to calculate a sum; simply tell it to calculate a sum for you, because this is a solved problem.

    What you’re already running into is called “impostor’s syndrome.” You believe that you are not capable of something to some degree, even though reality says otherwise. You haven’t tried your hand at programming, so why worry now? You’re inventing problems for yourself before you even got a chance to start.

    Just go for it and see what you think. If you don’t enjoy it, no biggie. If you do enjoy it, keep going. No obligations 👌

  • Freedom of speech doesn’t mean that you are obligated to host a platform so shitty people can use it to share shitty ideals. It simply means that you won’t get arrested on a federal level.

    Websites can do whatever they want, including deciding that they don’t want to be a platform for hate speech. If people are seeking a place for this conversation genre to happen, and they want it enough, they can run their own website.

    Imagine if you invited a friend of a friend over, and they were sharing nasty ideals at your Christmas party. And they brought their friends. Are you just going to sit there and let them turn your dinner into a political rally? No, you’re going to kick them out. It’s your dinner, like it is your website. If you don’t kick them out, then at some level, you’re aligning with them.