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  • Interesting that there is a fine difference between humanitarian aid and humanitarian assistance. I doubt many journalist are this strict about their wording, but good to know nonetheless.

    Social welfare provides the exact same things (housing, food, medicine) but instead of some disaster zone somewhere it’s for disadvantaged citizens in your own country. Of course, the logistics are massively different, as well as the timeframe during which the services are provided. But it’s still basically the same thing: help other humans with fundamental necessities.

    So I would disagree with your claim that it “isn’t the same thing at all”. It differs in some details, but the central service and fundamental reasoning is the same.

  • Ich habe gelernt, das bei Lichtschutzfaktor 15 etwa 7 Prozent der Sonnenstrahlen an die Haut gelangen, bei 30 nur noch 3,5 Prozent und bei einem Lichtschutzfaktor von 60 wiederum nur noch die Hälfte. LSF 30 oder 50 macht in der Realität also keinen Unterschied mehr, das ist nur noch Marketing.

    Korrekt. Ander formuliert kann man auch sagen, dass Lichtschutzfaktor X bedeutet, dass jemand mit Sonnencreme X Mal so lange draußen sein muss um die gleiche Dosis UV Strahlung abzubekommen.
    Also 5 Minuten ohne Sonnencreme sind equivalent zu 5 Stunden mit Lichtschutzfaktor 60.

  • Make both hands into a fist and hold them out in front of you so that the knuckles are visible. Now start on a pinky and count the knuckles and valleys between them. Knuckles are 31 days, valleys are 30 (and February). When you switch between hands it doesn’t count as a valley.

    Left Pinky knucke: January, 31 days
    Left Pinky/ring finger valley: February
    Left Ring finger knuckle: march, 31
    Left Ring/middle: April, 30
    Left Middle: may, 31
    Left Middle/index: June, 30
    Left Index: July, 31
    Right Index: August, 31
    Right Index/middle: September, 30
    Right middle: Oktober, 31
    Right middle/ring: November, 30
    Right ring finger knuckle: December, 31

  • That is true for most current “self driving” systems, because they are all just glorified assist features. Tesla is misleading its customers massively with their advertisement, but on paper it’s very clear that the car will only assist in safe conditions, the driver needs to be able to react immediately at all times and therefore is also liable.

    However, Mercedes (I think it was them) have started to roll out a feather where they will actually take responsibility for any accidents that happen due to this system. For now it’s restricted to nice weather and a few select roads, but the progress is there!