“Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it.”

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

-George Bernard Shaw

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  • I ended up on this last year as I was exploring the South West. I found it confusing even as a Canadian.

    I then later was confusion when Google Maps told me to go 80 on Hwy 10 in Texas once I came up from Big Bend NP. I thought the GPS was confused. 80 kms on the highway in the US? It was then I realized I wasn’t in Oregon anymore with their 60 mph highways. Texas goes fast and even 80 mph isn’t enough for most people. Even the single lane highways with construction workers was 65 mph work zones in Texas.

    It was the most amount of road kill I’ve ever seen in all my travels. I think at one stage a herd of goats must of tried to cross the highway based on the carnage I came across. I finally understood the reason for the huge bumpers on the front of trucks in Texas now.

  • I’ve been a user since Dos 5.0 and Windows 3.0.

    Today I mostly use Linux Mint on my dual boot laptops and need to convert my main PC over to dual boot Mint next. I rarely boot into windows at home and if it wasn’t for proprietary software at work running only on Windows I would have been done sooner.

    I was mostly able to go from XP to 7 and avoided Vista and 8 altogether. Windows 10 was sort of ok with the ability to go back to a Windows 7 control panel when needed but it always felt half baked and unfinished to me.

    I’ve just not been interested in 11 at all and the tidbits I’m hearing about Co-pilot reminds me of not only Clipit but the forcing of IE/ Edge constantly on user’s especially after every larger update but to mention resetting the default PDF reader to edge. In a work environment of 20 plus shop PC’s I was managing for low tech skill employees it was a pain in the ass chasing down the changes that were not made on my behalf.

    What will be the Co-pilot’s flavor of this new round of BS from Microsoft? The forcing of a cloud account is another headache I don’t want to deal with either.

    I will say Mint just mostly does what I need for my web browsing and general productivity needs without the constant game of trying to keep it the way I want it versus what MS wants for me with every update.

    I’m at the stage of get off my lawn and screaming at a cloud in the sky next. That cloud is MS these days when adding in the annoyances of their Android keyboard *Swiftkey injecting Co-pilot and Bing into my searches. I’ve not played in Office 365 for a bit now but I can only imagine it’s just as bad now.

  • I recall reading the Sagan’s Demon Haunted World and the section dedicated to this “phenomenon”. The self convincing and conviction to these events was pretty amazing to read about from a curiosity prospective. The letters he would receive were pretty far out there.

    My matter of fact father swears late one night while grading logging roads in a remote area in the 70s, he saw a big bright light in the sky that he couldn’t explain and it moved in ways he didn’t expect.

    Being out in the wilderness I’m sure it wasn’t a comfortable situation for him. I still wonder what he saw but thankfully there was no accompanying abduction story to go with it in his case. These types of stories and shows did get his a attention forever after as a result.

  • It’s been said the pain of the bamboozle is too much for most to acknowledge so they continue to double down on it. The great grifters and conmen know this and use it to their advantage.

    Many think it’s only the stupid and uneducated that are taken in by these scams. At times it’s the tribal nature that we can get caught up in.

    Often the educated are worse off as they know better and the grave injury to their egos won’t allow them to announce to others they have fallen victim as it’s pretty embarrassing. They take their lumps and move on with their lives if they do recognize they have fallen into these traps.

    It’s going to be many years before we get to the other side and then I wonder if it will be like what the Spanish referred to as the Miracle that occurred when Franco died.

    After decades in power, the citizens that fought for Franco and supported him ceased to exist. When asked everyone fought against Franco in the civil war and they secretly fought against him at every level of society, government, and the military. It was miracle how he came to power and won a war with no support from anyone at any level within Spain.

    If we ever get past the identity association of team Orange it will be interesting who is found to still be supporting this current day madness especially among the religious groups that support a man that displays so many of the things many of the regular members would be chastised for…

  • We are seeing this in full effect from the opposition party in Canada. They don’t have a platform or anything except they aren’t Justin Trudeau. That’s all they have but it’s working as in Canada we vote out governments of power, and not into power.

    The current government has been in office for 8 years now and much like Biden is at fault for so many things in the world, our guy is too. At times I lose the thread on which one is a fault though… But yes I’m assured he’s to blame for everything wrong in their lives…

  • I’ve been becoming irritated lately with search in other apps being taken over by their flavor of AI. I use the Microsoft Swift keyboard on my phone and it’s now trying to inject their AI search results over my Google searches in Firefox and the results take me to Bing.

    Then today I was watching a video on Instagram and the screen went off. I lost of the video as the app refreshed when I turned on the screen again. I tried to search for it but now IG search has been turned into a Meta AI search. It offers AI answers instead of the videos I was looking and it seems like it’s the only option.

    WTF are they messing up search across the platforms? Get off my lawn!