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  • There seems to be a lot of resentment about brands honoring pride month. I get that it’s mostly a ploy for more customers, but even so I don’t think it deserves the criticism it gets. Support for the community is widespread and mainstream and I think that should be celebrated in all its forms. If this public corporate pandering ever goes away it should be a red flag that the mainstream support has waivered and everyone should be worried.

  • I took some antenna theory courses back in the day and yes, you are correct. Some frequencies reflect off the upper atmosphere so there would be a longer effective range at higher incident angles (going into the top of the head) but it wouldn’t completely block radio waves. Going from memory, the wavelengths that reflect off the upper atmosphere are long enough that a tin foil hat wouldn’t cause much interference anyways.

    TLDR: Fashionable, but not practical.