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  • I think as I slowly go more insane and become more cranky, I find myself increasingly wanting a horrible authoritarian state that just does exactly what I want, because everything I like is awesome, and everything everyone else thinks is bad and evil or whatever.

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    I get your skepticism, but I do think there is some value in specific ideologies like Georgism, namely that you can actually try them out slowly and reverse course if needed. I’m mostly against a wide scale federal land value tax at a high percentage off the bat, but I do think its probably worth trying it out locally or at a low percentage to see what happens.

  • The context of the post is someone trying to get someone else fat. The context of the comment you replied to is talking about how sugar would be a better than fat towards that goal. Sugar is relevant because while you are correct that if you ate an additional equal weight of fats vs sugars, assuming equality of nutrient absorption, the person who ate additional fats would in theory gain weight. The issue here is that this theory does not reflect reality well enough. In reality, we observe patterns like how eating sugar will make you hungrier, causing you to eat more overall, and potentially creating a self-reinforcing cycle of weight gain. This argument is why people are talking about sugar and why it is relevant to the conversation’s context.

  • Now that you finally realize, you immediately wonder: if I’m a cake, how can I think? Do I have a brain made out of cake? Or were brains really just a distraction this whole time and cognition comes from something else? As you contemplate this metaphysical conundrum, you think back to all the other cakes you’ve encountered in your life, you feel dizzy for a second and it hits you in a wave of nausea, cake batter coming up your throat, Were all those cakes I ate, over all those years, conscious?

  • Eugenics (by some definitions) doesn’t even have to be unethical if you turn left off of “state-enforced sterilization highway” and on to “provide the opportunity to let people optimise their children’s genome street”. It is basically transhumanism at that point. Probably still some problems there, but at least its not coercive, and its also already possible today. Equality of access to polygenetic screening I say!