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  • Your examples are clear indication that you know jack shit about actual police work. Admittedly in civilised countries where there are checks and due process. Cops aren’t getting access freely to comms. A magistrate can depending on circumstances. And there’s plenty of red tape everywhere. Even telco operators will refuse to respond to a request if not absolutely justified. And typically that’s not when timmy sold some shit to his neighbour. Organised crime, murders, rapts… instances of those with actual victims are not threats, they are shits that happen and needs to be sorted.

  • Call interception, retro and all methods of investigation relying on télécommunications are, and need to remain, a tool available for police forces when the crimes they are investigating are greatly impacting society. Having a prosecutor request those within acceptable limits is a net positive. Not the same as having dragnets spying on everyone in the hope of hitting keywords mind.

    But criminality is using more and more complex tools at their disposition and there’s just no way of policing like in medieval times anymore.

  • Until everyone behaves within acceptable societal standards traffic / red light cams are a reasonable part of the strategy to steer assholes towards the goal. As much as awareness campaigns, improving training, lowering vehicle velocity when it sees yellow automagically maybe…

    Which doesn’t mean there aren’t unfortunate abuses by cops or city wrt shortening yellow duration to pocket more cash or such like.

    And I strongly believe that cops should be doing more interesting cop stuff then enforcing traffic tickets in our days and age.