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    9 days ago

    Fun trivia in case you didn’t know: that’s a domino’s advertisement printed on their pizza box in which the box claims to “dream of being another box.” It’s actually horrible for the recycling stream. Essentially every legitimate recycler explicitly states that grease- and cheese-contaminated cardboard is not allowed to be recycled because it degrades the quality of the recycled product and causes messes at recycling facilities.

    So basically, this dream is a manufactured corporate lie and belongs exactly where we see it.

    (Well alright fine, if you need good news, the good news is that in some areas while they still don’t belong in recycling bins, pizza boxes can go in your green bin compost. Although this is heavily dependent on where you live and what type of compost stream is used there. Don’t assume it’s ok to recycle or compost without checking, and never trust the packaging labels!)

  • agegamon@beehaw.orgto196@lemmy.blahaj.zoneRule
    2 months ago

    “Too broke to play PC” is a vanishing argument IMO. People have been saying that forever, to be fair, but given how bad Xbox and Playstation have gotten I don’t anyone who’s actually into gaming purchasing a new one today. Maybe used, that might make sense if it was really cheap.

    A budget gaming PC can check out at slightly over 600 now. PcPartPicker has two recommended builds priced right at 600, though honestly there might be even cheaper ways to arrive at that level of perfromance. Compared to 300-400 for the less garbage Xbox, and there’s not much argument to lock someone into the xbox’s ecosystem vs something you can upgrade for much less.

    Now I think it’s a different matter if it’s a hand-me-down or given for free. There’s no reason not to do that.

    I gave my last console away and got a friend of mine into gaming, then helped them build a decent PC when they actually wanted something new.

  • Advertising campaigns that straight up lie (“now you’re cooking with gas” and that kind of shit) don’t help. Nor do the substantial natural gas subsidies that some states offer ng suppliers.

    Then again, it’s only been very recent that electric induction ranges in north americ have been offered at sane price points. Up until recently it wasn’t easy to find an induction range for under $1k, whereas now it’s a bit more realistic.

    People also get unreasonably attached to their cheapo $25 nonstick (even if it was marked up to $200 with some bougie brand name) and will refuse to ditch it for actual quality cookware when they find out that their $25 pan isn’t induction compatible.

  • I hear you. I want to be positive about this because I want to keep playing, and the reversal (for now) makes me OK with doing so.

    But Sony has a horrid track record. Edit - so does Msoft, people often forget how bad both of them are.

    I also expect they’ll try to work it back in somehow to capture more revenue and/or data. If it’s not this again in a stealthier form, then it’ll be something similar. No crossplay without PSN or no credit store without PSN, something like that.

  • Exactly, Sony played bait-and-switch tactics. If the requitement had been there from launch, people just wouldn’t have been able to buy it and would have stayed away.

    But this forced people to throw away money, or at least try to get a refund for the base game.

    Not sure if those stupid credits were refunded to people who were gonna get screwed by this but I doubt it (yet another reason never to do micro transactions).

  • I mean it’s nuanced yeah?

    Am I gonna talk to a journalist about a sensitive thing like DIY that could trigger brainwashed regressive people? Fuck no.

    Am I gonna blast on all channels that we are in a climate crisis and inequality crisis and housing crisis and? Yes, yes I think I will.

    And that’s my decision for me. Some people are understandably never comfortable talking. Let alone to journalists lol!

  • To echo the OP’s reply below, there are a lot of different reasons combining right now to make them popular.

    One of the factors that has improved the most over the last 5 years is how much more access people have to safe and cheap optons. Buying a cheaper e-bike even just 5-6 years ago had you gambling on components and hoping your battery and charger were certified and sourced reputably. And, while you could order online, the experience wasn’t always great.

    Nowadays it seems like almost everything has certified chargers and batteries, and the overall build quality of cheap bikes and scooters (bikes especially) has improved as well.

    Combine that with being able to order a bike or scooter online, ship it to your door in just a week or two, and get going with minimal assembly and adjustment. Boom, that’s an attractive option, even before you hit incentives. E-bikes and scooters are so insanely cheap to own and operate compared to a car (even a super cheap car) so it just makes a ton of sense that people would choose them.