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  • I lost ten kilos last year and was super proud.

    Then life got harder, and then I injured my knee skiing, and then I went on an eat pray love type trip for a month, so I gained eight back since October.

    But I’m glad to say I lost 5kg since the beginning of last month and am (nearly) back on track. The mild calorie deficit is going really well and I don’t feel deprived at all, which I’m truly happy with. Only gotta keep it up longer this time! :)

  • They correspond to the larger eras in French economy.

    • Industrial revolution
    • Entre-deux-guerres, a period of strong urbanization and a huge push towards social housing. I suppose they included WW2 cause nothing was built there anyway.
    • 1946 to 1970 is “les trente glorieuses”, the time of rebuilding everything, which means everyone had a job and could afford a house or apartment.
    • The oil crash in 1973 ushered in a more modern era, usually more left-wing after May 68 and with the election of Mitterrand in 1982.
    • The 1990 one is around when we elected a right-wing president and the public policies vastly changed.
    • 2005-2006 was starting to get tough because of oil again, I believe. It is also around the beginning of the US subprime crisis, of which the consequences affected us all too.

  • Dans le même genre, j’aime beaucoup

    Il faut inscrire ses sites pour qu’ils apparaissent et il faut que ces sites soient indépendants (pas de plateforme type substack, pas de site commercial).

    Ça permet de chercher des posts intéressants, écrits par des humains intéressés, sur des sujets variés. J’y ai trouvé des petits guides de voyage sur les villes qui m’intéressent et des conseils et témoignages sur la gestion du TDAH. J’y cherche aussi des recommandations de produits pour ne pas retomber sur des fermes de contenu !