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  • and a way to pretend to be a desktop browser,

    I don’t think that’s a platform or software problem but rather an issue where the feature-to-bug ratio isn’t worth it.

    I’m not saying that Firefox for Android is perfect or that no further development is needed, but using the desktop version of Firefox to guide the development of the Android version is a waste. It needs better feature integration with the platform rather than a 1:1 copy of its desktop variant.

    The software you are suggesting are in my honest opinion not worth the squeeze. it’s like asking Bicycle with engine and complaining about it not being efficient as the motorbike. Just use the bike while making bicycle better in it’s own way.

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    Wasn’t trying to be troll, more like expecting humours reaction like

    “So you think, here is this one with same design” or “fine, I will make one now”

    but guess it didn’t came out as I had in my head, I thought it more like expression but maybe it appeared as position of announcement/declaration.