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  • I’m on OpenSUSE Tumbleweed and I’m not quite satisfied, but I think it’s a “me” problem. The distro is fine. It’s great! It has practically all the things I was looking for in a distro when I came back to Linux. I have had no major issues that I can recall and updates have never broken anything. The only small nag I have is that Zypper sometimes wants to install patterns that I never installed to begin with when updating, but there are ways around that. I’m just annoyed that that’s the default behavior.

    But I’m not happy. I’m constantly weighing my options and thinking of different distros/DEs and I don’t know why. The current setup serves me wonderfully but it’s not perfect, what ever that means. I think I’m looking for a combination of attributes that doesn’t exist, possibly can’t exist. TW and maybe Debian sid get the closest and I try to tell myself that’s good enough, but there’s always this feeling of dissatisfaction I can’t quite shake and it’s annoying.

    On my phone I run postmarketOS and on my Raspberry Pi I have Raspbian and those are great.

  • Always check the package list when updating. Tumbleweed for some reason occasionally wants to install Patterns even if they were not included to begin with. I’ve taken to updating with the command:

    sudo zypper dup --no-recommends

    to avoid installing packages/patterns I’m trying to avoid. You could probably also mask some packages so they are never installed, but I haven’t looked in to that.

    Hope that helps.