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  • Yes, of course. IMO OneDrive is much easier for the end user instead of having to remember to store files in a share or using folder redirection which is prone to fail sometimes. Because using OneDrive they only have to store files where they normally store them and they get automatically synced and backed up to OneDrive. Something being easy is a huge benefit because it will ensure documents and everything else is backed up properly and it reduces support load.

    fair fair

    Please tell me you have some kind of backup of those computers where you don’t use shared storage or apparently anything “proper”.

    many backups and tape drives when we max out storage. we’re good

    Btw, GPOs only work using a domain. You are probably using local policies and those are sometimes not as likely to work.

    our user accounts are on a domain

    You don’t use Windows home too, right?

    no ew