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  • The OpenAL issue was actually pretty easy to diagnose and fix. The crash comes with a pretty detailed log indicating the game encountered an issue when OpenAL was trying to load. And, lo and behold, staring at me was a checkbox in Prism Launcher’s options to “Use System OpenAL.” I ticked it and haven’t had a single issue since, my guess is that the launchers bundled version of OpenAL just didn’t play nice with my system.

    I’ve even manually added a few mods since installing, still no issues.

    I do understand where you’re coming from though, I personally enjoy tinkering and problem solving almost as much as actually using my computer. It’s a learning experience for me and makes my computer really feel like my own at the end of the day. However I totally get that not being everyones cup of tea.

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    72% platinum and gold, 86% plat, gold and silver. I’m honestly surprised that this isn’t higher because almost everything I play just works (I do have a lot of random games in my account from humble bundles and such, so I don’t even play a good amount of them).

    Funny enough what I’ve been playing recently is Minecraft. Downloaded the Prism launcher, linked my account, installed the game and the BetterMC modpack which includes pretty heavy lighting shaders, get an easy 120fps with absolutely zero tinkering besides telling the game to use my systems OpenAL rather than the bundled one, as that was causing a crash. I do have a relatively beefy system so the performance isn’t what I’m impressed by, moreso the fact that this was all up and running in 5 minutes.

  • I think platforms like patreon are the real way forward. If you have a product or service that people want, you can even offer it for free, but people will support you financially if they believe in what you’re doing. The added beauty of this is that there really is no upper limit. You could add an “ultra platinum” tier for $150 a month and one wealthy investor could make a huge difference in your project.

    Also, I don’t even think ads are the devil. I get why they exist, and I understand why they make so much money. I’m fine being advertised to, because I know what I’m interested in and am very skeptical. I think I’ve had one ad sway me into buying a product I’d never heard of until that point. What I do hate is when the actual advertised product takes a backseat to the massive amounts of data harvesting/brokerage that comes with the advertising industry.

  • You make good points. I’ve worked on a couple cars before but bikes require much less space, time and money.

    Also, just keep in mind the process of making batteries for electric cars. Lithium mines are by no means clean and cause lots of deforestation.

    Personally I’m really hoping we see a bigger uptick in Hydrogen powered vehicles, seeing as in theory, any gasoline car can be converted, plus our current repair facilities and methods will mostly carry over. It makes a lot more sense to me to adapt what we have than to uproot and start over from scratch.

  • Same here with my 84 KZ550. I just started work on a partial rebuild after it had sat for 2 years. I’ve learned a tremendous amount about engines, suspension, electrical, etc, and had tons of fun doing it (and of course also had many cursing fits).

    I definitely could have gotten a different bike for the amount I’ve put into it, one that I actually could have ridden from day one, but this one is my bike. Practically every bolt has been looked over by me, I can’t say that about basically anything else I own.