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  • Rule 6 is rule 6. Gonna prune this.

    That being said, you make me constantly embarrassed to be using the same website as you. I don’t know how but you manage to constantly come up with some of the worst takes I’ve ever seen.

    The idea that the bourgeois democracy of the imperial core was made by bipoc and leftists is fucking ridiculous. No I will not dignify this with an actual argument.

    Anyways you can all have a slap fight in dm’s or something. Or make a thread in a more appropriate place. I don’t care, just take it elsewhere.

  • dean-smile

    EDIT: changed my vote to stay, people here are right, banning the admins and then staying federated is a phenomenal bit.

    lmao fuck em. Anyways, for anyone who wants context on the dm harassment stuff, here is our lovely convo.

    The last post came in right before they were banned. I don’t know if any response would go through, and frankly I don’t care to continue the conversations.

    Also, the operandi thing was very much to tilt them. Anyone who has seen me type here knows I physically cannot type “you”, it only comes out as “oyu”.

    Further also, they edited their second comment:

    The link is to here. No idea what doomtown is, but the card art is neat. The pfp still looks like linkara trying to trike a pose. Anyone who wishes to continue mocking that pfp, go here.

    I’ve had runins with unruffled (critical levels of ruffled) before. I find them both distasteful. There are a handful of db0 users I like. They are welcome to migrate here, or to any of the instances still federated with us. The rest of them, mao-wave

  • IMO you’re thinking about this the wrong way. Some time I’m going to write a very long post about my experiences being raised in an orthodox zionist family, and my rejection of this. But for now:

    It isn’t a life boat, it’s a middle class economic ladder for middle class goals that are now much harder to achieve inside the imperial core. I know a lot of people who have gone off to isntreal. Many of them went to either work directly in the military industrial complex, or on the religiotech bubble on top of the MIC. We didn’t face real antisemitism in the place we grew up, just anti-zionism that was spun as antisemitism. There were entire jewish focused schools in the area that had educated multiple genrations of jewish students. There were streets named after the lubavitcher rebbe and his movement. I walked by 4 other shuls every saturday to get to my shul.

    For most of the people who go to iSSrael, it’s pure economic opportunity. Cushier job and better pay than they would get from the MIC here. They have to create this collective phantasm to justify their hatred, so they can go off and murder children to steal land.

    For me, I stopped believing in this shit and managed to grow a soul. I couldn’t tell you how to force that on others, but I can say that switching from private to public schooling and being exposed to more people really broadened my horizons enough to shatter the zionist programming. You can’t do that for someone who doesn’t want to know better.

    I truly hate isntreal, free palestine.