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  • Lol ok your comment just made me realize my mistake, and I’d probably never see it and just go back to Plex instead.

    So what happened is that when I imported my Plex library to Jellyfin I created a library named “Concerts” and content type I probably intended to click “Shows” but clicked “Music” instead which I’m guessing at this point expects only audio files, thus, never listing my concerts files on Jellyfin :)

    That said, I think “Shows” is probably also not the correct content type here, I think they meant more like TV shows, like The Office or Friends etc. Probably the right content type is either Music Videos or just Movies.

    Anyway thanks for the help, I wouldn’t have noticed my mistake if it weren’t for your comment.

  • Actually getting better. I got COVID 11 weaks ago and just now I can really say I am finally starting to feel better. Most of the anxiety is gone, the only thing bothering me at this point is pain in my chest, which seems to not go away for some reason, but I’ll get there eventually.

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    Thanks me too. It’s very weird how long it’s taking for me to recover but I honestly think it’s my fault. I didn’t rest at all during the time I was already sick to the point I even moved some freaking furniture around. Now I am paying for it. I also talked with the person who I supposedly got it from and he had it much worse to the point he had pneumonia from it and he’s also not 100% yet. It might just be this new strain. That said, another doctor prescribed me a strong vitamin thing which is making me much better. This week I will also have another set of exams and etc, so I am crossing my fingers there will be progress and this will end.