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  • I transferred schools in the middle of 10th grade, and the new Algebra class I landed in was several chapters ahead. I never caught up, but the teacher passed anyone who turned in literally anything for homework so I did that.

    Now in my 30’s I’m getting into indie game design, and I need that gap filled so I can write the code I need. So I went to the local thrift shop and picked up a couple old textbooks (since it’s safe to assume that nothing groundbreaking has happened in the field of basic algebra in the past twenty years) for fifty cents and I’ve been working my way through them. I don’t understand everything that’s happening, but I’m pushing ahead with the faith that somewhere along the line things will “click”.

    1. This is foosball. This is foosball.

    2. The sport with the egg is “gridiron football”, we call it “football” for short for the same reason other countries call association football “football” for short, it’s the most popular variant here.

    3. We don’t call it “American football” because that’s not what it’s called, you lot say that because of point 2. Nobody is going to say “European football” because that’s not what it’s called either.

    4. The word “soccer” was imported from the UK (seriously that word is british as hell, you really think we came up with that shit?), and we use it for reasons outlined in points 2 and 3, and also because “european football” is inaccurate, tiresome, and stupid sounding.

    5. This is the first and only time I’ve ever heard of rugby union football being referred to as “ruggers”, I never thought I’d read a dumber-sounding word than soccer but you’re just full of surprises today. For some reason i was imagining one of the replies was the same person, this was in error.

  • look im as stoked as anyone else but that information should really be in a section explaining it in detail further down the page, for Tyson, for Simpson, and even for Trump. Say who he is and what he did that’s notable, not what the government did about it. it should say “fraudster” if anything, because that’s who he is. i don’t think labeling people vaguely as “felons” helps anything, and mostly serves to dehumanize people who have caught charges whether it was justified or not. that’s just my two cents.

  • nice reference, i was thinking more along the lines of a stun gun or knife, or even a small firearm.

    this was in Austin, TX, which 1) should explain why i think bringing a firearm to a parade is appropriate, and 2) i shouldn’t have to say don’t go to Texas, not even with the justification that “well Austin is more progressive”. it is not progressive it’s neoliberal af and full of douchebag techbros and yuppies. go west or east, don’t go south.

  • you know, the worst part of that experience was all the absolute gaslighting i received anytime i tried to discuss my experience, both online and in meatspace. lemmy is like the only place i’ve found where i can be real about my experiences with the gay scene in that city and not get shouted down or accused of concern trolling.

    anyway i got the hell out of that entire state a couple years ago and now keep to myself waaaay out in the middle of nowhere with my wife and cats and spend my time making silly computer games. life’s good without that clique-centric social performance crap wearing on me.

    like i said, bring a good friend that you know well, and a weapon as your local laws and rules at the event permit. a lot of my situation stemmed from having neither.