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  • Can I ask if you have any tips for this? Before this, I hadn’t heard anything from anyone with a similar problem like ours. My goodest boy is a 9 month old Portuguese Water Dog and he recently decided that the floor boards and every single one of my daughters’ Barbies weren’t enough to destroy and began removing the carpet for us.

    He’s so smart and seems to be very empathetic when he’s not in destruction mode, but the constant destruction of things is putting a knot in what is an otherwise beautiful relationship right now. We’ve trained leave-it and settle down, but he’ll still grab things and if he’s left alone in his safe room he’ll find ways to make it unsafe.

  • It’s not immediately apparent in the interface like it might have been in other communities using third-party software. (It would be really nice to access the feature using the kebab menu on the home page listing page, e.g. this: Screenshot of an expanded kebab (dot dot dot) menu on the front page with a 'block community' option added.)

    But at least on sh.itjust.works, you can access the feature through the Settings link:

    Screenshot of the expanded 'Username' menu, showing the link to user settings

    … buried under your username menu, and then by clicking the ‘Blocked’ tab.

    'Blocked' tab

    I hope that’s helpful to someone else like me who wanted this feature too and didn’t realize it existed!

    EDIT: It’s also actually a lot easier to find if you click into the community; there’s a big ol’ ‘Block community’ button:

    Screenshot of the community display page for 'Lemmy Plugins' showing a large red 'Block community' button.